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June 23, 2010
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(Contains: sexual themes)
"Hey I'm back!" Henry called as he walked through the front door. Nelly went back into the kitchen as Henry enterd. She pulled him to the side for a few minutes and he mostly nodded then finally she hugged him and he walked over to Vlad.
"So Nelly knows, huh?" Henry asked as he sat next to Vlad.
"Yeah, but at least she's cool with it." Vlad said. Henry nodded and looked behind him to make sure Nelly wasn't looking and kissed Vlad lightly on the lips. Vlad's heart nearly burst with joy. He noticed Nelly walk into the room just as they broke the kiss.
"Listen guys, I'm very happy that you two are together and everything but I'd appreciate it if you didn't kiss or anything around me, it's nothing personal, i wouldn't even let Vlad kiss a girl around me."
"Okay, sorry Nelly." Vlad said. She smiled and turned to go back into the kitchen.
"Could you boys set the table for me please?" Nelly called from the kitchen. "Oh and add an extra place for Otis." She added. They set the table and, after that, went upstairs to Vlad's room. Henry smiled at Vlad then suddenly embraced him.
"Vlad, I'm so happy that Nelly and Otis approve of us, I think they're the only ones that will." he said. At first his voice sounded happy but turned to sorrow near the end of his sentence.
"Why do you say that?" Vlad asked curiously.
"Because I already know my parents will freak if they found out I was gay and that I loved you, and I can only imagine what the people at school would do." He looked at Vlad nearly in tears. "I don't want to loose you Vlad, but I don't want to loose my family either." Vlad's heart shattered and he felt his knees begin to shake.
"Henry, are you.....breaking up with me?" Vlad asked shaking. Henry stared up at him with wide eyes.
"Vladimir Tod I would NEVER break up with you!" He looked appalled and almost hurt. "Why would you say that?"
"It just seemed like you were implying that, I'm sorry." Vlad looked into Henry's eyes, then kissed him passionatley. Henry grasped his hair and pulled him closer. Vlad let Henry explore his mouth as Vlad's hands moved around Henry's back reaching towards his butt. Henry smiled and moved his lips down Vlad's jaw and kissed his neck. Vlad whispered in Henry's ear,
"Bite me." Henry smirked and bit down on his neck hard. Vlad moaned in pleasure and grabbed Henry's butt tightly.
"Boys, time for dinner!" Nelly called from downstairs. Interrupted again, damn. They walked down the stairs hand-in-hand and went into the dinning room where Nelly and Otis were waiting. They smilled warmly at the two boys and Otis grinned.
"I'm guessing it went well?" He asked. Vlad smiled at Henry proudly, his heart filling with joy and he felt butterflies in his stomach. Finally he nodded.
"Well congratulations, I'm very glad for the both of you."
"Thanks Otis, I'm glad you approve." Henry remarked. They sat at the table and mostly listened to Nelly and Otis's chatter. Underneath the table Vlad grabbed Hebry's hand and smiled. Henry smiled as well and began to lean in but moved back quickly remembering Nelly's rule. Otis chuckled, noticing Henry's move. Henry blushed in embarassment and went back to eating his food. Vlad sucked out the last bit of blood from his un-cooked burger and dropped the dry meat on his plate. Once Henry was finished with his dinner they went into the living room to play Race to Armagedon 2. An hour later Henry decided to let Vlad win as Otis was leaving.
"I guess I'll see you boys on Monday, but drop by if you need anything." He kissed Nelly's lips and stepped out the door.
"Well, I'm off to bed so don't stay up late and keep down the noise, but go into your room and turn on the radio if you plan on doing anything." She said still blushing from Otis's kiss. Vlad shot her a look that screamed "Nelly, shut up!" then got up to turn off the TV.
"So what do you want to do now?" Henry asked. Vlad smirked looking down Henry's body.
"I think I know what I want to do." Before Vlad could get off the couch Henry grabbed him and slung him over his shoulder, running upstairs, carrying Vlad to his room. He put him down on the bed and pressed his lips to Vlad's getting on top of him. Vlad wrapped his arms around Henry's waist pulling him closer. Henry moved his hands down Vlad's body, pulling off his shirt. He pulled off his own shirt and moved his lips down Vlad's neck, switching from kissing to lightly biting, creating small bruises. Vlad's hands found Henry's pants sliding them off with ease. Henry moved his lips back to Vlad's mouth saying between kisses,
"Oh, Vlad...I... love much."
"I love... you... Henry" Suddenly Vlad remembered what Nelly had said about the radio. He moved Henry off of him and got up to turn his CD player on. The speakers began blaring screamo music and Vlad went back to Henry. Henry unzipped Vlad's jeans and took them off. Vlad took off his boxers and Henry's as well. Vlad sild his tounge into Henry's mouth while his hands explored his amazing body. Henry pulled away from Vlad getting on top of him. He trusted into Vlad, making him scream. He waited a few moments letting Vlad get used to it. Vlad nodded, indicating to Henry that he was ready. Henry moved fast and rough, making Vlad feel so intense. He now realized that he truely loved Henry, deeply and he always would no matter what anyone thought or said. They made love for hours making Vlad feel like he was on top of the world. They soon fell asleep in eachothers' arms.  
Something warm on Vlad's lips had woken him out of sleep. He kept his eyes closed knowing it was Henry's lips and kissed back wrapping his arms around him. Their lips moved in synchronization, kissing eachother for a few minutes before Henry pulled away.
"Good morning my love." Henry said smiling, a slight blush in his cheeks. Vlad's face felt warm, he could tell he was blushing deeply.
"Good morning babe, I appreciated the wake up call." Vlad said happily. Henry grinned and lightly kissed his lips before rising to put his boxers on.  Vlad noticed it was only 9:30 AM, he recalled going to bed at around 4:00 AM, so much for sleep.
"Nelly's still here so we should get some clothes on." Henry said as he threw Vlad's boxers to him along with his shirt. Once they were dressed they headed downstairs for breakfast.
"Morning boys, are you hungry?" Nelly asked. Instead of a reply Vlad grabbed a blood bag from the freezer and put it in the microwave. Henry rummaged through the pantry trying to find some cereal.
"I'll take that as a yes." Nelly laughed. Vlad finished his last blood bag and threw the four empty bags into the biohazad container under the sink. Soon after, Henry put his cereal bowl in the sink and walked into the living room. Vlad followed and sat next to Henry on the couch, lying his head on Henry's shoulder. He smiled as Henry kissed his head, loving the great feeling it gave him. Nelly soon walked into the room and grabbed her purse.
"I trust you boys will be fine on your own today, and Henry, make sure to check in at home because you slept over last night without your parents knowing." He nodded and Nelly waved good-bye as she stepped out the front door.
"So, wanna have some fun?" Henry asked smirking. Vlad laughed lightly and said,
"Yeah, but take it easy, I'm still hurting from last night." Henry nodded and grabbed his hand, leading him to Vlad's room. As they walked in Vlad switched on the radio just incase. Vlad closed the gap between them and pressed his lips to Henry's softly. Henry put his arms around Vlad's waist, pulling him closer.
"Mom, I'm going to Vlad's house,his aunt already said yes!" I yelled as I walked towards to door.
"Ok, be good!" She called. I felt kinda bad lying to my mom like that, but I missed Vlad and I know his aunt isn't home today, now we can finally be alone. As I aproached the front door I could hear music blaring from inside. I knocked loudly on the door hoping he'd hear it over the music. I waited a minute and still no answer. I knocked again, but it was futile. Hmm, maybe the door is open. I turned the knob and, surprisingly, it opened.
"Vlad?" I called. Nothing. I stepped into the house and looked around the downstairs for Vlad. Then I noticed that the sound of the music was coming from upstairs. I followed the sound up the stairs and to the right, when I finally found the source of the sound. I opened the door and what I saw was completely shocking. Vlad and Henry were making out on Vlad's bed without any shirts on and Vlad was actually reaching for Henry's pants!
Vlad pulled away from Henry and looked at Meredith, standing in his bedroom doorway looking extremely confused and hurt. How did she get into the house? And why did she come over so unexpectedly?
"Meredith, what are you doing here?" Vlad asked in confusion.
"I wanted to surprise you with a visit!" She yelled offened, "What are you doing making out with Henry?!" Vlad didn't know what to say, he was so scared. He knew Meredith wouldn't approove, but now she had found out the hard way, making Vlad feel horrible.
"Well Meredith, I really like Henry, and I really like you too, I'm bi." Meredith looked at him in disbelief, her mouth agape.
"You'" She asked. Vlad simply nodded sitting next to Henry, who looked embarassed.
"That's disgusting Vlad, I can't believe you even like another person, especially a guy!" Meredith yelled. "It's over, I don't ever want to see you again!" She ran out of the room in tears and slammed the door. Vlad couldn't believe what he just heard from Meredith. The words slashed through him like thousands of sharp knives. He lost Meredith and he was never getting her back. All he could do was lay his head on Henry's shoulder and cry.
Well here's the third part to VladxHenry :D I know it's a bit long, but I gave you what you wanted (that's what he said) XD So yeah, hope you like it!!
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