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June 13, 2010
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"Henry no!"
Vlad screamed as he watched the horrific scene unfold in front of him. D'ablo smirked and bit down on Henry's neck. Vlad screamed,
"NO!" and tried to help him but someone was holding him back. He couldn't turn to face his enemy for he held his head tightly forcing him to watch his beloved Henry die. Hot tears ran down his face and no matter how hard he kicked and pushed, no matter how loud he screamed, he was still trapped. He heard Henry whisper,
"" He let out a loud sob and felt himself shaking.
"Vlad, wake up!" He shot up, breathing heavily, his hair matted with sweat. Henry looked at him concerned.
"Are you okay, you were screaming." Vlad grabbed Henry and embraced him.
"Oh Henry, thank God you're okay!" Henry held him in his arms and said,
"Yeah, I'm fine, it's ok." Vlad began to sob into Henry's shoulder. He thought he lost the only one he truley loved, well besides Meredith. Henry stroked his hair and tried to calm him down.
"What happened?" he asked. Vlad pulled back.
"I had this nightmare, we were in Stokerton and D'ablo showed up and took you and someone was holding me back while D'ablo.... fed from you." Vlad's last words came out shaken and he began sobbing again trying to comprehend what he had seen in his nightmare that felt so real. Henry held him kissing his tear coated cheeks telling him everything was okay.
"It was just a dream, darling." Henry said.
"But it seemed too real, like a vision or something." Henry looked at Vlad in horror then tried to hide it by visibly relaxing, but Vlad saw through it.
"It's okay Vlad, it was only a dream."
"I won't let it become real Henry, I won't let anyone hurt you, I promise." Henry nodded and Vlad pressed his lips to Henry's with force and passion. Henry snaked his arms around Vlad's neck and grasped his hair. Vlad pushed his body against him and slid his tounge into Henry's mouth. Henry moved his hands up Vlad's body when suddenly they heard a voice from downstairs.
"Vladimir, I'm home!" Aunt Nelly. They pulled away quickly, got dressed, and headed downstairs.
"Hey Nelly, Henry is here too, can he stay?" Henry followed behind him and greeted Nelly with a hug.
"Sure, just call your mom and let her know, okay Henry?" Henry nodded and ran upstairs.
"Thanks Nelly." Vlad said as he hugged his aunt. She smiled and headed into the kitchen to prepare dinner. Henry came back downstairs and said,
"She said yes, but i have to go get my stuff so i'll be back in a little bit okay?"
"Okay that's fine." Henry kissed Vlad quickly and walked out of the house. Nelly called for Vlad and he went into the kitchen where she was making burgers, though he didn't remember her bringing in groceries.
"Vlad, we need to talk seriously for a second."
"Oh, okay, what's up?" She gestured for him to sit at the dinning room table. What was going on here? She sat with her tea and gave him a mug of O positve.
"Vlad, when I came home for my break to drop off the groceries I went upstairs to check on you and I saw you and bed together but neither of you had clothes on." Vlad looked up from his mug wide-eyed. Nelly found out?! Vlad hadn't been ready to tell Nelly yet, and now she knew, there was no way of covering this up.  She looked at him and asked,
"Is there something you need to tell me Vlad?" He looked at her nervously and tried to compose something to say.
"Well, yeah, I love Henry, and I have for awhile." She nodded and said,
"You could've told me, dear, I would've understood." He looked surprised. She would've understood?
"I was afraid you wouldn't though, I'm sorry Nelly."
"It's okay sweetie, you were scared and that's normal, did you talk to anyone about it?"
"I talked with Otis, he was actually very happy." Vlad smiled awkwardly and Nelly smiled.
"That's great Vlad, so if it's not too awkward, did you know...?" Vlad nearly choked on the blood he was sipping. She was asking if they had sex? Sometimes Vlad wondered why his aunt asked so many questions. He nodded and looked at the ground, then back at her. She looked shocked.
"So does this mean you're gay, what about Meredith?" Vlad was still a bit confused on that, he loved Meredith and Henry both very much, so he knew he wasn't gay.
"No, because I love Henry and Meredith both, so I'm bi." Nelly nodded and walked over to him. She bent down and hugged Vlad tightly.
"That's very sweet that you love them both, I will support you on this whole thing every step of the way and you can come to me for anything okay?"
"Okay, thanks so much Nelly, you're the best." Vlad was so happy that he had the support of both his aunt and uncle, not to mention he had his beloved Henry. He hoped things would stay this great.
Due to popular demand(well sorta) the continuation to my first VladxHenry yaoi has been made :D I hope you all enjoy it as much or more than the first xD Comment and fave please! <3

Vladimir Tod and Henry McMillan (c) Heather Brewer
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still awesome!
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~thunder~freaxxx-zexi is right! VLAD HAS TO PICK SOMEONE(HENRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) :DD ... meridith is a..a.... well i cant really call her anything bc she hasnt really done anything. but if she ets in te way of henry and vlad im kick her imaginary ass!!!!!! >.<
p.s.- great job! :DDDD
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oh he does...haha part 3. Meredith is a bitch lol, i hated her after i read Eleventh Grade Burns. And thank you :]]
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lol XD i'm smart. glad u liked it, i felt bad for Vlad tho :[[ she made him cry!!! even tho i'm the one that wrote it....damn XDXDXD
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lol ik! i was sad :< lol. hey you should write one about Dorian and vlad! O: omg! :DDDDDDD if you would i would LOVE YOU for EVER!!! :3 :eager:
AloneInTheseShoes Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2010
oooh that's a good idea!!! I never thought of that one, but they would be awesome together! :D yay, i like to be loved XD i'll write a yaoi of them just for u! :]]
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O: :stunned: omg WEALLY!??!!?!? WHOOOOOO!!!!!! :DD i feel so special. :3 like theres a rumbling in my tummy on yaoi cheese toastie and hands can satisfy :D ..and i like to love! whoo! its a win win for both of us! xDD.
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